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. no luck. it is anyone guess. rg3. running 329 and watched him to beat the browns. they are the best. nalcedallas in over time against the steelers. ben rothlesburger runs it down to the one. and dan bailey made it. and giants play no one taped the game and we have no high lights. atlanta won running back adrian peterson. shy of five. and he beat the rams along with the minnesota vikes, 36-that's the quick look at world of sports. that's one of few i smiled. >> brian: i think he had a great game and healed from the knee injury. >> gretchen: how can we stop rogue afghan soldiers from turning their guns on our troops. they said americans should be nicer and respect their religion. will that work? >> peter: police say there is reason to believe that new ton killer love violent video games. our games training our kids to kill . straight ahead . [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. g
this morning. it's so easy. >> steve: christmas morning casserole. >> christmas hash browns. fresh hash browns or thaw frozen ones. we're going to pretend we have got spray. spray, spray, spray. so put that down. that's going to be our first layer. >> you want all of the potatoes in there? >> yes. >> and just kind of pat them. you know. now, i have got three eggs right here, steve, i'm going to salt, pepper,. >> steve: i'm cooking with paula deen, how cool is that? >> yes, you are, baby: all right, sour cream. and we just going to beat that in. and our half and half. >> folks, the key is. >> there you go. >> not too late to make it either for christmas morning or the day after christmas. so, pour this all in here? >> no, baby, no. you pour the milk in there. oh my gosh, scare me to death. we got our taters. milk and butter. every potato needs some butter, right? >> how many sticks of butter do you go through your house these days? [no answer] [ laughter ] >> steve: you are cutting back. >> i'm never going to leave that butter, steve. i'm going to eat the real stuff. i'm going to eat the real
the charlie brown thing. >> clayton: some like the understated tree. some like this one. now germans are hoping to clone the perfect christmas tree using some science from the firs so they give off the perfect glow and have the perfect stem and foliage. >> ainsley: they don't have open spaces in between the branches. >> rick: they're saying a lot of the trees they grow, after ten to 14 years after all the weather that happens, a big percentage aren't any good. >> ainsley: send my father there. he'll buy them. my dad would always come home with the worst tree because he felt sorry for it. my mother would have to turn it around so the open spaces were in the back in the corner. >> clayton: he felt bad for a lonely tree? >> ainsley: yeah. i think really secretly the guy gave him a deal. that's really what it was about. >> clayton: it was in the discount section. >> ainsley: how about you? >> clayton: for a while my sister was allergic to christmas tree, so we had to do the artificial. i don't know if it was the pine, or i don't know what it is. >> ainsley: it's not pine sol. that's clea
dollars bond. he was charged in a drunk driving incident that killed his teammate jerry brown. >> gretchen: because he is famous are the courts trying to set an example. here is a look at the courtroom battle ahead. you are a defense attorney. what was the bail supposed to have been set? >> the purpose of bail to make sure he will come back. he is recognizable figure . he's not average size or weight . it is not easy for him to sneak around. it is one of his dear, dear friends that was killed and so the presumption is he will not run can anywhere. half million is like murder bail or something high. his defense attorney said you should have taken a zero off and it should have been $50,000. >> gretchen: he did kill somebody. >> but the trend in united states of america unlike 10 years ago. if you kill somebody and you are behind the wheel with a dwi. it is treated not as intentional murder but one rung under that. he's facing jail time not 60 but years in jail. >> brian: would the average person be out in a similar situation if they were regular citizens. >> between $ep i to $100,000. >> bri
be good news for howard school brown who was beaten in the election . if there is a special election to replace john kerry if he becomes secretary of state, scott brown would be a shoe in. >> brian: he hit the ground running. >> steve: and one other wrinkle for scott brown. uval patrick is not going to run for reelection . if not senate maybe governor. >> gretchen: i thought he was going to do more spreads for gq. >> steve: he did a naked shot. >> brian: just to make end's meet. >> gretchen: when he was young and he was an attractive >> brian: we have all done naked photographs at one poign. >> gretchen: no, no, no. i have not. we'll set the record straight now, i have not. if he is not answering the question. >> steve: i don't remember money exchanging hands with that picture. >> gretchen: this is for the after the show, show. >> brian: long way to go before that. >> gretchen: maybe for the christmas party. fox news alert, the united states ramping up its involvement in the crisis in syria. leon paneta signing off on sending two patriot missiles and troops to turkey to beef up the c
play. former tackle brown on the left admitting intention missed a black so his own team's qb would get hurt. brown said he was upset scott mitchell was playing poorly in 1994. brown says now he completely regrets it. mitchell says this revelation is painful. >> kelly: painful indeed, his own teammate. >> juliet: yeah. >> kelly: talk about friendly fire. >> juliet: yeah, really. >> kelly: secretary of state hillary clinton finally expected to return to work next week. she spent the last three weeks recovering from a stomach virus and concussion that forced her to miss her date to testify in the benghazi attack that killed four americans in september. lawmakers say until hillary clinton testifies, they'll hold up john kerry has confirmation for secretary of state. >> eric: joining us now is sout carolina congressman and member of the house foreign affairs committee, mr. jeff duncan. good to have you on. first of all, why haven't we heard from hillary clinton? i understand concussions. i know them all too well. but really? three, four weeks now to testify? >> well, she needs
performances of a charlie brown christmas because, did you know it's too religious? >> i guess i really don't know what christmas is all about. >> isn't there anyone who knows what christmas is all about? >> gretchen: well, some elementary school students were supposed to see the christmas classic at a church in little rock, arkansas, but an atheist group threatened to sue the school district because of the play's religious content. the church tells fox news it canceled the show so the district wouldn't get in trouble. you see, this is what happens, folks. cause schools can't afford these lawsuits. but they invited all the students to see a weekend performance instead. i don't remember anything religious about that show whatsoever. what could it possibly be? >> they do sing "hark the herald angels sing." >> gretchen: gosh, that's so horrible. >> brian: what did dinus do again? >> gretchen: he carried a blanket. >> steve: they also quote the bible. >> brian: an officer risks his own life to save a dog. he ran out on the ice while chasing ducks. his owner said the dog looked down and just fro
's an upgrade to yourself. >> jerry brown announcing he is undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. doctors caught it early and said the prognosis is excellent. the 74 year old still working a full schedule . and santa claus, snuffed out. a canadian author editing out santa's pipe smoking habit in the new pc version of twas the night before christmas and thinks it will stop kids from smoking. >> brian: you know the song days of christmas but vuheard the version. ♪ in my fourth look at spending and governments at ease. ♪ ♪ >> brian: our next guest put his own spin on the classic and highlighting all the ways that government spent your money. he is a senior producer in the news. where duget this idea. >> we covered a lot of government spending and i thought we could put a different spin on it . bring information on to it. kind of a new twist and luckily i found topicings and grants that fit the topics of the song . asked folks to help me sing it and got response. but luckily they are good sports. they agreed to sing the song with me. >> brian: financially you can keep it to yourself. we
the first person, was the receptionist, she was great. and jeff brown, he took me through it. it wasn't a hard sales pitch. in fact, we couldn't even do anything for two weeks. so in that time we started with the orientation and training and every time we did, took a step closer and it was good. >> steve: it's been great for you so far. i know you've been a stay at home mom. you were looking for something. now your brother could actually work for you if he chooses. david, this is the kind of story you're looking for. >> exactly right. we have 30 master territories in operation presentsly with approximately 2200 unit franchisees such as yvonne and look for additional veterans to come in at a higher level to purchase these master territories. hence our discounted program. >> steve: got you. this is a company that specializes in janitorial services, right? >> yes. all business to business. >> steve: all right. so you've already got two businesses who have said, you needs? we want your business to clean our business. >> that's right. i'm cleaning up. >> steve: you are cleaning up. it's tu
to get a turkey or me. >> this old fox is try. he is trying to get the brown towel or stick. he's not going for it. that close. look at those teeth prints. >> gretchen: they are stars was animal planet. call of the wild man and highly successful show. did you get rabbi shots. >> we got the rabbi shots and ready to get shoed on like corn in a cob. >> gretchen: what is that there. >> this isal algreator turtle . he was getting peoplas ducks . broughtt him up to see on the show. >> brian: how do you grab them. do you grab them by the shell. >> normally there are not these in kentucky and they lay on the bottom of the swamps. but every now and then they hungry from a cow leg or duck and they cause trouble. >> gretchen: we know that beavers bite through wood like it is a piece of paper. >> brian: this is the first beaver i have seen today . you played the banjo. >> i do. >> brian: you try to keep the excitement going in the show and continuous quest to get the animals out. >> it is boring catching animals and i have to have a banjo. >> gretchen: it was not quiet when the squiril went
who did not get snow with the storm sound like charlie brown's teacher, wa, wa, wa. but it will be a white christmas for a lot of people. >> yes, absolutely. >> brian: or like harpo in the marx brothers. got milk? better get more money. >> steve: why it could soon cost 8 bucks a gallon. >> alisyn: the police officer with all the right moves, the dancing cop is making his way into our studio. he's cut a rug a i love the holidays. and with my bankamericard cash rewards credit card, i love 'em even more. i earn 1% cash back everywhere, evertime. 2% on groceries. 3% on gas. automatically. no hoops to jump through. that's 1% back on... [ toy robot sounds ] 2% on pumpn pie. and apple. 3% back on 4 trips to the airport. it's as easy as.. -[ man ] 1... -[ woman ] 2... [ woman ] 3. [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards card. apply online or at a bank of america near you. he >> brian: news by the numbers. eight dollars. that's how much a gallon of milk may cost if congress doesn't pass that farm bill. it expires december 31. next, $2 million. that's how much the c
: and brown bag it a little bit. i know my buddy was saying, i spend $10 a day picking up a coffee for myself and my wife. it's like 60 bucks a month. >> right. of that $10, $7, according to the "wall street journal," goes to rent and labor costs for the restaurants. it's no brainer. cut back on the restaurant bill. you can actually save money and do the math, reinvest it over the 20, 30 years you have ideally for an average worker now. that could add up to a mighty sum to put toward retirement. >> clayton: and almost pretend you're buying it by reinvesting it. taking that money and don't even pay attention to it. put it right into a savings account. >> yeah, buy stocks in it. >> clayton: finally, you talk about coming back on the -- cutting back on the cable and tv and phone. people think they need these extra digital phone services at home and might not. >> smart phone obviously -- this is your area, very competitive environment now for the smart phones, the google, samsung. these guys want to negotiate with you. the carriers in particular. there are a lot of consumers. so you could get a d
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)